Aquaman: The Drowning (Vol #1) Comic Book Review

Aquaman, the King of Atlantis, has never found a true home in either of the worlds that he was born of. In his undersea realm, Aquaman is both King and outsider. And in the surface world, he's a hero and an outcast. In this brand new series by fan-favorite writer Dan Abnett (Titans Hunt) and all-star penciller Brad Walker (Sinestro), the King of Atlantis attempts to broker a peace between Atlantis and the surface, but this noble quest might force Aquaman to finally choose whether to live his life above the waves, or below them. Plus, Black Manta makes his bloody return and seeks to destroy everything and everyone Aquaman loves! 

*Holds hands up* Okay, so I've never actually read Aquaman so I figured this volume would be a good place to start for someone who doesn't want to read 70 years of his history (see that? That's some great googling right there). I guess I was correct as this Volume also includes his soon to be wife, Mera, his arch-enemy, Black Manta and a face anyone could recognise, Superman. I did do some googling of characters like Black Manta to get a better grasp of their history but didn't feel confused at any point while reading.

The story is simple enough, Arthur (Aquaman) is trying to to connect Atlantis with the United States, get them talking and not be so wary of each other. Naturally this all goes to pot within a couple of issues when Black Manta blows half of the embassy up and American decides "nah bro". Thrown in a cell Aquaman decides to go the peaceful route even though he's strong anough to leave any time, to try and reconcile the two worlds.

I loved Mera. She's sarcastic and impulsive so I REALLY related to her, she has no problem with breaking Aquaman out of jail as violently as possible: *rips cell door off* "I've decided that I don't like Washington very much and I'd like to go home now please." It really made me want to read DC Bombshells even more.

Issue #6 was hilarious. I was giggling like a crazy person all the way through it. Superman turns up right at the moment Aquaman has decided he's had enough and wants to punch everything (helped by Mera who is punching everyone/thing) and poor Supes gets the worst of it. "I'm the creepy fish guy nobody trusts!" It was literally just an all out punching session for the entire issue and I loved it.

It wasn't a perfect volume, some stuff came across and cheesy and I didn't really care what the Black Manta's plans for N.E.M.O. were but I would continue reading future volumes quite happily, so this gets a higher rating from me than I'd expect.


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