Unfollow (Vol #2) Comic Book Review

Larry Ferrell died as he lived changing the world. 

The legendary founder of the social network Headspace (Vickie: the volume I read constantly said Chirper, I have no idea what Headspace is), which connects nearly everyone on the planet, Ferrell gave away his entire fortune on his deathbed 18 billion dollars, evenly divided between 140 randomly selected strangers. With the money came one simple condition: if any of the recipients dies, their shares are automatically redistributed to those still alive. 

The result? Kidnappings. Accidents. Murder. Slowly but surely, the 140 are dwindling, and no one not the rich and famous socialite, not the strangely prescient guru, not the tough-as-nails reporter is safe. 

But death is not the end that it might seem. Behind this sinister experiment is a secret that Ferrell kept from everybody, including those responsible for the 140 program and now all the masks are about to come off. 

The first volume of this was a bit of a mess, albeit an enjoyable one. Thankfully this volume flows a lot better as I was hoping and benefited from concentrating on a small amount of characters this time round. The plot is still as silly as ever however.

The man in the mask that's not a mask is still here but he doesn't get as much page time to my relief. His mask does make it's own No-Twitter account though. Seriously. If you're looking for realism in your comics this is not the place to go but if you like the weirder the better, it's perfect.

About 40-50 followers seek shelter at Akira's commune, who is happy to call himself a God among men while walking around naked all the time because he's just that humble a human being. Meanwhile Dave is with God dude and Ravan who all get kidnapped by some sort of Russian mob. Just go with it.

The count is down to 86 at the end of the second volume, which is still quite a lot of people. While I'm enjoying the series I hope they don't continue it for too long but I think I could take another 3 volumes easily enough!


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