Vee is on a forced mental health hiatus until 16th June. See you then!

Request A Review

Hi, thanks for finding me! I'm currently accepting books for review and my email is at the bottom but first please read some of these amazing bullet points that I spent a solid half hour thinking about:

  • If you can, please include a mobi or epub copy of the book - if it's epub, please no DRM because I'm a Kindle reader.
  • I don't accept print books. My house is tiny and I don't own any bookshelves.
  • No books longer than 400 pages.
  • Please consider that I'm a Young Adult/Middle Grade reader. 
  • No graphic sex scenes. Seriously. No. Spare me. 
  • My reviews are always 100% completely honest so sorry in advance if I hate it.
  • If you need a review by/on a certain date let me know but that won't guarantee a review.
  • I can't post to Amazon. I do post to Goodreads and my blog and the review will be on my Facebook page and Twitter.
  • I'll only reply to requests I've accepted, sorry. However that doesn't guarantee a review.
  • I don't do blog tours, giveaways, cover reveals. Sorry. It's just not my thing.
  • If you're requesting about something completely different or just want to chat about cats that's cool too.