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Review of The Rosabella Incident by Pamina Stone

by - October 18, 2010

Rich, spoiled Clara Wentworth has always been given everything she wants. She wants Matthew to be her husband, and now they're engaged. She wants Father to make him the Captain of the Rosabella, and that happened, too. Just the way she'd planned.
Maybe it was because everything was so predictable...or maybe, she just didn't want to wait. But what Clara does next will give her more -- much more -- than she'd ever bargained for. It will change her life and shake her soul to the core. If she survives.

The story starts with Clara, the spoilt heroine, deciding to dress as a boy and join her fiancée as he's going away for a while at sea. I found myself wondering why she didn't seem to find it all strange, wearing a boys clothes. 
So, she gets on the ship, and does all the duties she's supposed to... without any complaint. Surely a spoilt, pampered girl like herself would complain about the tough, menial work that sailors do? 
I don't remember any mention of Clara's age all the way through the book. At a guess I'd say between 14-18?

Her voice: Apparently she'd changed her voice to sound more like a boy, naturally. She must have had quite a bit of experience impersonating boys voices considering she kept this up even when she was upset.

Nearly half of the way through and after picking the storyline to bits I found that even if the Author could do with more researching, I was enjoying the story immensely. Although it isn't fantastically thought out the storyline is intriguing and kept me reading until the end of the book. It gets quite silly in places but I would buy the sequel, if there was one. However, after writing this book, it seems that the Author vanished off the face of the planet. :(


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