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by - May 21, 2018

After it was not so recently revealed that the classic, original covers were to go out of print and replaced with new, shiny covers, I thought I'd do something crazy this Monday. Harry Potter. But not the first book, no! This Monday I'm showcasing... entire sets of the books. Cool, but a lot of work. And a lot of tabs.

These won't just be the covers you know and love, I've included international sets of the books too, which I've never seen before. Not all of the covers are here, but most of them are.
(Ignore the random pattern for the last image. I wanted to tile them right)

(This post was originally posted back in 2014 and since I'm re-reading the whole series I thought I might as well go for a full Harry Potter week on my blog by sharing my most popular post with new cover sets added.

UK - these are the new covers revealed by Bloomsbury recently. These are my favourite covers, I wasn't impressed initially but the amazing covers won my over. However these covers are REALLY SPOILERY.

US - The original Scholastic covers. Some reprints may have sneaked in here, but the art is all the same. It seems in America they were content with just changing the font colour every so often, whereas in the UK you could walk into a single bookstore and pick out three very different covers. We even had 'adult editions'! I really like these covers. They're not spoilery but very eye catching and I love that the art seems to get better with age. Although, the US felt that changing Philosopher's to Sorcerer's Stone would be best, as apparently you're all too stupid to know what a Philosopher is.

UK - The original covers. Bow down to their greatness! I don't think there's a single cover where Harry isn't pulling a stupid face (except Phoenix) and the art is clearly not done by the same artist. However, these are the covers I grew up with, that I waited months and months for

UK - Back to UK again and these are the 'Signature Editions'. I'm not sure how much the rest of the world knows of our cover obsession. The new cover set at the top has gained a lot of attention, but these, released around 2010, have never really taken off. They would make great tattoos though.

German - I nearly cracked up laughing when I saving these covers. Harry seems to be looking suspiciously at the reader, almost as he's accusing them of something. Then there's the Harry doppelgangers for apparently no reason. Great art, but very weird. One thing that this book has that no other cover set has above though - have you spotted it? - Joanne K. Rowling.

Spanish - These ones are nice and tell you a little about what's going to happen without revealing most of the plot. I would have liked to have seen more of Ron and Hermione though.

Italian - Harry and the series of questionable outfits. After the rat hat and the snake hat fiasco, Harry decides to ditch his unusual hats once and for all and invest in giant scarves instead. The last cover is seriously creepy.

UK - Yes, we're back in the UK. Every series seems to have a name and these are the 'Adult Editions'. When I was younger I genuinely used to think these had extras in them for adults like *gasp* swearing. Really! These are pretty cool covers but I do feel like they've selected a whole bunch of stock images.

Dutch - Up until the 5th book, I love these covers. The forth one, in the bottom left hand corner has mermaid silhouettes that you may not see right away. My only issue is that in between the author's name there's some really odd animals, ranging from a cardinal to a doe. I think the art department may have received a mistranslation of what a phoenix is.

French - I think I've got this set right, they're certainly all French. The Folio Junior editions cut off at book 5, but the art is similar. I think my favourite of these covers is 'Harry Potter Looks Out Angrily On Cliff Top'.

US - If you're not in the US and don't own these covers right now, and are feeling seething envy towards anyone who owns this incredible 15th anniversary collection, prepare yourselves, because this is what happens when you line up all the spines. Not enough jealousy? Here's the box too. I think I need to buy this set.

Finnish - Why Finland why? Why couldn't you just go with something nice and normal instead of huge noises and horrifying toad ladies? It gets worse when you realise the terrifying grinning lady on book two is in fact, Gilderoy Lockhart.

Persian - These covers seem like someone once really enjoyed scrapbooking but then got bored and just stuck the UK covers on them instead. The first few covers feel very dated.

Swedish - These covers seem to be a fan favourite and it's not hard to see why - the artwork here is beautifully elaborate. I want to keep looking at them! The last cover is one of my all time favourites, I would love to buy a print of that.

Danish - These covers are pretty dark! Those creepy zombies at 6 are enough to put me off my food. Just kidding. Nothing puts me off my food. My favourite cover is 'Harry Potter Tries Not To Sneeze While Being Stalked By Creepy Horses Of Doom'. These have a weirdly Narnian vibe to them for me.

French - I'm going to guess that these are the 'adult editions'. The font is nice and I like the leaves... but these covers are terribly boring. I feel like yawning just looking at them.

UK - For anyone trying to keep track this is the 5th UK set. There's another but as it stopped at 4 books I left that one. This one has a nice feel to it, and I like it more the more I look at it. Makes me think of pop art. These were actually released last year and already there's hype about the next set of covers. While the signature editions weren't popular, I did know that those existed - I have never seen these covers in shops.

Ukrainian - So colourful! These are the first covers I've seen that appear to be modelled on Daniel Radcliffe's face. Have a look at a large image of the last cover if you want. They do follow the same patter however - Flying, Phoenix, Griffin, Dragon, Gold Statues, Boat, The Three Friends. These are all published by a company called... А-БА-БА-ГА-ЛА-МА-ГА - really.

Danish - I guess the Danish publishers agreed that their other covers were a bit too scary and chose to do something prettier. These are fairly new, only a couple of years old. I'm loving the colours!

Concept - Designed by M. S. Corley, I don't know if these were ever published (they are listed on Goodreads). They are seriously cool covers though. Apparently they're designed to look like Penguin paperbacks.

 Pottermore Editions - I haven't dug through Pottermore since they changed it from a hub for fans to a generic news site, so I don't even know why there are Pottermore editions. They're pretty cool though, I like them.

 2018 UK Anniversary Editions - The UK is still churning these out yes and these are illustrated by Brian Selznick, an artist I love. But... I really don't think the pencil sketch style works on a book cover and the titles are painful to look at.

 Indonesian - these gorgeous anime-style covers were released last year and I love them, there's a lot to look at without being too overwhelming.

Phew! It took me a full day to make this post, one of the longest times I've ever spent on a post. Luckily it paid off as this became my most popular ever post.

Which is your favourite?

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  1. This is awesome!!! I didn't even think about how the first set of UK covers could be spoilery, but OMG yes they certainly are. This is the first time I've ever seen many of these sets-- like the Game of Thrones wanna be ones or the really cool Indonesian ones!! I really need to get that 2nd set of US books. I've been eying them up for a while.

  2. The newest UK and the newer US are both gorgeous. Makes me want to become a HP collector. One other set (though not finished) are the Illustrated editions! I've been buying those!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  3. We had the original US covers in Hungary, I still love them. I really like the Danish covers too, except for number six, that is too much, I totally agree with you :)

    Ronnie @ Paradise Found


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