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Review of Second Form At Malory Towers by Enid Blyton

by - August 27, 2014

Series: Malory Towers
Format: Paperback
Genres: School, Childrens, Humour,
Pages: 180
Publisher: Egmont
Release Date: 1947
Find The Author: Website 

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Darrell and her friends grow together as they share their school days. There are new students to induct, sporting matches to be won, tempers to control and tricks to play on teachers. This work presents stories about life at boarding school as readers follow the girls' lives through 6 years at Malory Towers.

Darrell is back in school for her second year and there's plenty happening - new students, new pranks and new secrets to unveil. Two of the girls even find themselves in serious danger later down the line. This another cute, simple read from Enid Blyton that continues the Malory Towers series. 

I like Darrell, as we have similar tempers (explosive). However I was hoping we'd have a different main character this time. The other girls do get a say throughout the book but Darrell always comes across as the main character. We have new characters in this book, the studious Ellen and the rich Daphne, whose airs get on everyone's nerves.

The plot is always easy to guess and the writing is quite old fashioned of course, and not the best. However I always leave these books with a happy smile on my face, looking forward to the next installment! I'm glad I have the whole set so I can just grab the next book whenever I feel like.

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  1. I absolutely adored Enid Blyton as a child, but never got around to reading this series. There's nothing like children's and middle grade novels to brighten up your reading list is there. I've been rereading my childhood favourites lately too, but saving the best for last, Charlotte's Web.

    Thanks for sharing Vickie, might pick these up too to read on a rainy weekend <3


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