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Stacking The Shelves (Birthday Edition)

by - August 16, 2014

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY *throws confetti at everyone*

You know you're dedicated to your blog when you're blogging on your birthday. This is going to be a long post so strap yourselves in. I'll divide up into easy to digest suggestions.

Birthday Haul

Look at all this! Most of this is from Stepping Out Of The Page, who is just made of awesome and Kate Bush lyrics. The silver owl is from my Gran. There's books too but those are below!

Books Hoarded This Week

Bought in town - Continuing my terrible habit of buying sequels to books I haven't read, I bought Predator's Gold - the sequel to Mortal Engines. It matched the first book perfectly so I had to have it! I want a whole set of Roald Dahl books, so I was happy when I found these for just 50p each, especially as they're like new.

Bought in Halifax - we went on a kind of one day holiday in Halifax to get away from all the work that's being done on the house. I found these while browsing the charity shops! I've already read The Magician's Elephant. This Isn't What It Looks Like perfectly highlights an irritation I have with books - unlabelled sequels. This is the fourth book but I had no idea.

Found in Asda (the UK's version of like, Walmart) - Having an Asda literally across the street from me is a dangerous, dangerous thing. I cannot stop buying books there - in my defense, £5 for a brand new shiny hardback?

In the mail - I'm still trying to buy more sequels, and complete my Uglies set! Sadly I won't be keeping Oblivion as I bought the wrong copy, I was expecting a paperback and this on my shelves will just look ridiculous.

Birthday Books - I opened these just this morning! I love history and Andrew Marr so I'm really looking forward to diving into these. I've wanted these exact editions of Grimm Tales and 1984 for months, I'm really excited about owning them.

Read This Week

Another eclectic mix this week, but all great reads! The weakest was surprisingly Touch Of Power, which I loved but found there was a bit too much infodumping.

Is that everything? I think that's everything! Don't forget, SHELF TOUR.

Vickie x

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  1. I really do wish my bookshelves were nice, neat and ordered like yours! I'll need to photograph the horror that is my room to show the booky problems that I have! Still, this month I have read/abandoned a fair few which gives me room for this weeks pre-orders...My name is chuckles and I'm a bookaholic...happy reading!

    1. You should do a shelf tour! Or a look at all my piles tour? :D

  2. *drools at shelves AGAIN* You have the nicest bookshelves of ever, basically. And omg that is a LOT of reading ahead of you. Oblivion is HUGE. You could knock out a zombie with that thing. I love John Green....ALL his books. Although An Abundance of Katherines is probably my least favourite mostly because I suck at all things mathematical. Heh. HAPPY OF HAPPIEST BIRTHDAYS!!!!
    My Sunday Post!

    1. I've taken to using to select my next book so the old ones don't get left out! I'm seriously tempted on keeping oblivion now... just in case of zombies?

  3. Happy birthday! I really love the Doctor Who gifts! Ahh I love your bookshelves! :)

  4. Happy Birthday! You got so good stuff!

  5. Happy birthday, I love the Whovian gifts! Enjoy them all :)

  6. Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day! And OH MY GOSH your bookshelves are simply STUNNING! Enjoy your new books! :D


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