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Under The Mountain's Shelf Tour!

by - August 16, 2014

It's my first ever shelf tour! Probably because I've never had all my books on shelves before, they're usually just stacked up. Apologies in advance, some of the pictures are not perfect quality but the books are perfectly seeable. If you need a bigger picture, just click on the image!

THE BOOKCASES. I love these so much and they were super cheap from Ikea too - less than £200 (less than $350). They're bigger than I expected them to be but they're a perfect birthday present - and look! SHELF SPACE. *soft gasp*

Anthologies first (Waterstones do this and it seemed like a good idea), then the rest. I love Laurie Halse Anderson's books and the runaways series by Virginia Andrews. I need to read more of Virginia's books.I've had Samurai Girl for years but never bought the sequels, sadly.

Look at all these series I haven't finished, like Exodus, Tithe and Malory Towers... oh and I Have Lived A Thousand Years.

I haven't finished the series (Sisterhood and City of Screams) on here either. I have a problem. And I haven't even started A Great And Terrible Beauty yet.

There are two series on here I have finished! The Selection and Alice in Wonderland! I love these editions of Alice (next to the giant Jack the Ripper book), because the covers are designed by my favourite illustrator, Chris Riddell.

I really need to buy the sequel to The Roar. It came out years after, so I forgot. My (first ed) copy of Catching Fire is missing and I am seriously sad about that, I hope it'll turn up soon. I have read Reached, just don't own a copy of it. And the frog is a hat, in the UK we have a thing with smoothie bottles with knitted hats on them and my Gran knits them!

Hey, you're still here? Thanks! This shelf seems dedicated to books I loved as a kid, with Marianne Curley, Richie Tankersley Cusick and Annie Dalton. I read the Angel's Unlimited series to death but... I never finished it. Ha.

Shelf 7 - I now have The Kill Order and The Eye Of Minds for my Dashner collection, I'm so happy. I need new copies of Wither and Fever - and I need to buy/read Sever. I highly recommend Wildthorn to anyone who has been needing a historical story with a strong female heroine in it. Oh and it's LGBT too!

I have two empty shelves dedicated to the two books I loved the most this year. The first is Since You've Been Gone, which is just a perfect summer read. I loved it so, so much.

The 6th book along (you may have to click) is an old, battered paperback about a haunted house that I have read over and over and over. I have no idea why it appeals to me so much! It's called A Strange Delivery. More Chris Riddell here in the form of Fortunately, The Milk. Amazing story! And I spent a lot of time and money completing my set of Hell's Underground books, the little hardbacks. There's four but one of the hardbacks was still in the mail when I took this picture... making a library is an art form people and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Only crazy people and artists spend that much time and effort on something.

Michael Grant! I haven't read any of his books! Messenger Of Fear is out seriously soon so I've started buying all of this series. I know I'll love it. *crosses fingers*

Also, John Green part 1. I'm a John Green girl. (Hate Levithan, sorry)

And continuing John Green with Paper Towns! I need Katherines and Alaska, I know. I also need to buy a matching edition of Dance of the Red Death.

I have only read about 7 of the books on this shelf! I do tend to happily give away books I have read and only keep the ones I really love. I've read Raven's Gate but... you already know.

I own like, 500 books so you might as well get comfortable, grab a cup of tea, maybe order a takeaway...

My READ letters still haven't been papered yet, but I am making plans. I'll probably post them on one of my STS posts when I do! Another Chris Riddell here - Sabine. I lost most of my Narnia hardbacks and may have to replace.

I own a copy of Game of Thrones but right now, I have no desire to read it. I do however read Sansa/Sandor fanfic because I completely ship it. I just noticed that Mayne is in the wrong place so I'm going to go change that...

I love Lisa McMann's books and have read far more than I own!

After finishing More Than This, I have now decided that I need to read the Chaos Walking trilogy badly. And yes, I lost the cover to The Night Circus and I haven't read it. I am ashamed. Fun fact: The Wind Singer was the first dystopia I ever read!

I loved these covers for the Anna and Lola hardbacks and now I need to buy the stupid brightly coloured paperbacks just so that they'll match. I think I'm not the only person feeling the anger? Speaking of cover changes, look, Delirium. I honestly think I'm going to stop buying physical copies of series until the whole thing is released.

Cover changes rant continued - Across the Universe and A Million Suns are such different sizes they look ridiculous. And then Dark Inside doesn't even have a matching sequel. I did however find a matching sequel to Mortal Engines today, so I'm happy with that.

Fangirl! I loved it so much I have two copies... but I'm not sure why now. I may give the hardback away (the UK paperback has extras). I also own about four TimeRiders books but only read the first...

Hugo Cabret is one of the most amazing books I've read and almost completely illustrated too. The movie really did it it justice, I was really happy with it! On the other hand, I've seen bits of the Cirque Du Freak movie and just no.

*strokes Study series spines* I need the other series that links to it too. Touch Of Power is my current read and so far it has a similar feel to Poison Study but doesn't live up to it. I own two copies of Stargirl for some reason. And more Chris Riddell at the end there.

Second Special Shelf! I was so worried when I picked this up that it would seem overhyped but it was just perfect, everything I hoped for. And those last few lines? Dead. Where is my sequel???

More Chris Riddell and Paul Stewart, I love these books. The Rook Trilogy is such an awkward, heavy hardback (3 in 1) that I'm trying to replace it with three paperbacks instead. MuddleEarth is supposed to come after The Immortals, so I'll fix that too... Oh and the Cathy books! Great story and you get loads of little things in with them, napkins, leaflets, a ring, giant posters and amazing art. I spent a long time tracking down the hardbacks as you get no freebies with the paperbacks.

This is the shelf that best demonstrates a problem I have - buying series of books I have never read. Skinned, Crashed, Star Dancer and Fire Dreamer are all books I have never read and while I have read Generation Dead, I believe I bought the sequels before I finished it.

Hey, a series I have read - Sister Assassin and Perfect Lies. The UK covers of these do not match at all which is rather frustrating, especially as I don't really like the US cover all that much. I'm currently trying to get those cute little paperbacks of the Uglies series, which has proven to be a challenge - Pretties is in the post though!

And finally... More cover changes in the UK. I do like the newer covers of Blood Red Road though, so I will buy that. It was just nice to have the first edition. My copy of The 5th Wave has so many creases in it - when I swapped it with someone online they put the condition as 'like new'. Very unhappy, if I like the book I'll be replacing it as I can't stand creases in book spines.

And... that's nearly everything on my shelves! Anything not included is just books I've got since I took the pictures, but I plan to do this as a yearly thing. It'll be interesting to see how much my shelves change in a year!

Thanks for stopping by!
Vickie x

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  1. Great looking shelves. Enjoy having all you book where you can see them.

  2. Anonymous10:06 pm BST

    Oh my, this is just so gorgeous. I have billy shelves too but extremely limited space. If I ever have the space I want to have pretty shelves just like you! Now I am going to daydream so more about your shelves.

  3. I love your shelves!! I'm a huge fan of white bookcases and the corner one-awesome. I should do a shelf tour one of these days. My books are a mess right now though. Love this post and your collection!

  4. So neat and glorious! I love looking at other people's bookshelves. I, too, have the Billy bookcases (in black-brown) and was impressed that they offer more storage than I anticipated. Thank you for sharing your shelves!

  5. Love the tour, thanks for sharing. My books are organised by review books, TBR books (grouped by author then random) and my read books.
    I have your bookcases, I traded my small black argos ones (two) with my friend for two massive ones, and two medium ones, I love how spacious they are.

  6. Anonymous2:31 pm BST

    Beautiful, beautiful shelves. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Omg your bookshelves look absolutely amazing! I totally need to get bookshelves like yours one day!

  8. I love your shelves - they look so cool! I have the rather weird hobby of looking at other people's books.


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