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Weekly Update (16/06/2018)

by - June 16, 2018

So there's this comic by the rather brilliant Catana Comics that sums me up perfectly.

Which is really cute and funny until you end up breaking commitments and not reviewing your NetGalley and just generally end up in a spiral of avoidance where you feel like you'll never achieve anything. I have this thing where I go through phases, so usually I will read 50+ books and then drop the blog for like a year before coming back to it and somehow convincing myself that that's obviously not going to happen again. Which is always does.

This time I've been distracted with cross stitch. I don't do anything by halves, so instead of just picking up a piece and stitching occaisionally I've made a blog and I've started making free patterns, which is something I used to do and I miss it, so I really want to continue with that. But I also don't want to abandon this blog. So I put myself on a 2 week hiatus instead, to see if forcing myself to take a break would be the thing that breaks the cycle.

And I think that it's working? I'm here, on the date I said. I'm actually writing this post on the 10th, because I actually felt like getting up and doing that today. I quite feel like reading again too! So as long as I keep checking on myself and work out what's working, there's a very good chance I can balance everything I need to do.

Obviously, I've not been reading - so here's what I need to catch up on instead:


 Seven isn't actually too bad - some of them are from May but most are from June.

Review Requests

 In total that's just 10 books and I'm a fast reader - as I'm writing this from the 10th that's 20 days to catch up, so one every two days is easy for me.

The Other Blog

 If you're into cross stitch my new blog is Witch Stitch and I'm also on Instagram - it's WIPs, free patterns, wishlist patterns and kits, all that sort of thing. Here's a cloud pattern I made that you can download for free:

I have a Pirate pattern coming up too, I just need to stitch him.

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  1. Ooh nice haul!! Some new to me ones here! Except for Ash Princess...which I still need to read! Lol! Hope you enjoy all your new reads!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)


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