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Review of Green Angel by Alice Hoffman

by - April 08, 2011

Left on her own when her family dies in a terrible disaster, fifteen-year-old Green is haunted by loss and by the past. Struggling to survive physically and emotionally in a place where nothing seems to grow and ashes are everywhere, Green retreats into the ruined realm of her garden. But in destroying her feelings, she also begins to destroy herself, erasing the girl she'd once been as she inks darkness into her skin. It is only through a series of mysterious encounters that Green can relearn the lessons of love and begin to heal enough to tell her story.

Short but sweet, I loved Green Angel. Green's character is simple but one we can all relate to, in some shape or form. Green Angel is essentially a Fairy Tale. The writing style is quite poetic and really draws you into Green's story.

In a way, self harm is touched upon here. Green (or Ash, as she renames herself) tattoos herself all over, everywhere she can find. She enjoys the pain it brings and doesn't care if anyone thinks badly of her. With the help of Ghost, a lonely dog, Diamond, a boy in search of his mother and Green's neighbour, she starts to heal, which she rebels against at first but slowly becomes who she was.


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