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Review of Tempus by Tyra Lynn

by - January 13, 2012

According to Albert Einstein, the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion. He might have been right.

Seventeen-year-old Jessie McLeod is used to getting glimpses of the past when she touches objects in her dads antique shop, but she's not used to the past looking back. Especially when the past is a gorgeous guy and she is dressed like a slob.

Shocked and intrigued, Jessie becomes obsessed with trying to catch another glimpse of that perfect face. When thoughts of him invade her sleep, the dreams seem so real that she wakes with the feel of his lips lingering on her skin. Soon after, however, the one guy she thought she’d never date suddenly asks her out. Either something strange is going on, or all those years of using furniture cleaner finally caused brain damage.

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Tempus is a really cute romance story about 17 year old Jessie who lives in a small town with her Dad. They both have a love of antiques and run an antiques store in town. Jessie has another reason to love antiques though – when she touches old objects, she sometimes gets a glimpse into the past, of previous owners of the objects. Despite this, she's a pretty average teenager – at the beginning she decides to go out, buy herself some new clothes and get her hair done. Then she discovers that her childhood crush is love with her and we I guessed where the story would be heading – but I was wrong! Shortly after this Jessie's dad buys her a mirror and when she touches it she sees a glimpse of a boy – who sees her too.

Odd things keep getting odder throughout the book and I got more confused as it went along! One minute Jessie's with Steve, the next she's with Gabriel, whoops, time rewound, the day you just read about is no more. This was a lot of fun though, trying to keep up. I will admit though, that I was... bored in places. The story seems incredibly long and it seems as if every time Jessie sees Gabriel there's a need for a 20 page long conversation about Time Travel.

Their relationship is very sweet though. I loved Gabriel, who definitely wasn't a cardboard cutout, unlike (sorry) Steve! I never got who Steve was, apart from a bit creepy. One telephone conversation about a young Jessie in a pink dress had me shuddering slightly. There's something weird about that guy. Back to Gabriel and his pirate shirt. I love me a guy in a pirate shirt. The romance between them was perfect and compulsively readable. The ending was absolutely amazing and left me with a soppy smile on my face!


Received free from the Author in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. sounds coool
    tnx 4 reviewing

  2. This book sounds like a wonderful change from the direction a lot of YA fiction has been heading. Is it going to be available in bookstores, Amazon or the author's website?

    1. As far as I know it's only available as an eBook at the moment, you can download the Kindle edition of it. You could try contacting the Author and asking her, she's really friendly!


      Authors Website:


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