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Review of The Search For WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi

by - March 04, 2011

Eva Nine is a curious and sensitive twelve-year-old who has existed only in a subterranean home called Sanctuary, cared for by a robot named Muthr. Eva's great desire is to go above ground, and her wish comes true, though not as she had imagined. On the surface, Eva goes in search of other humans - she has never met one - and soon meets both friend and foe.

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So, I've just finished this book. Thinking about this fact genuinely makes me want to cry. It was an amazing book and will be one of my all-time favourites for a very long time. The story was beautiful and moving and the illustrations were fascinating. As soon as I'm able to pre-order the next book, I will be doing. I want more!

So to tag this book I'll call it a Dystopian Fantasy Fairy-Tale with some Mystery thrown in. Yeah, I think that sums it up. Eva Nine lives with Muthr underground and has never been above ground, until the day Besteel blasts his way into their home and everything changes. There's a few elements of German in this, I swear. You have Eva's Mother who's called Muthr, then the general dialect of the population above is generally German sounding. I could be mistaken but I do love German.

Eva clothes are pretty amazing. If I could make clothes and braid my hair like that, I would totally cosplay as her. Muthr is fascinating too, I spent a lot of time pondering how she keeps her balance on one wheel. Dog lovers will love Otto, who is like a favourite (albeit giant) pet dog.

The story is amazing, the illustrations are beautiful, the characters are engaging, what more do I need to do to convince to buy this piece of awesomeness?


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