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Review of Dark Remains by Sean McMahon

by - April 07, 2012

London, 1842. England is in turmoil and one young woman must carry the demands of both the  living and the dead.

After the death of her mother and imprisonment of her revolutionary father, thirteen-year-old Maggie Power is plunged into a world of poverty and violence. Promising to protect her younger brother - come what may - she scavenges upon the mudflats of the Thames, haunted by the constant shadows of hunger and disease.

That is, until a chance encounter with a charitable countess, who rescues her from the brutal streets of 19th century London. But Maggie’s troubles are just beginning. For the rich life presented to her by the mysterious countess comes at a dreadful price. Slowly she realises she must free herself of the influence of her benefactor - whose dark motives are revealed over the course of the turbulent summer of 1842. 

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Dark Remains is a wonderfully well researched book. From the start, I was gripped by the writing and plunged straight into 19th century London. I felt as if I really were in the grubby, filthy streets of London, alongside Maggie and Tom. The book has a very Dickensian feel to it and I would definitely recommend it to fans of Mary Hooper, as the plot follows a very similar path to her novels. Maggie's voice, although written by a man, is very authentic. Throughout the story she remains a very string character, determined to protect her little brother from the horrors of Victorian London.

The plot itself is actually kind of bizarre! At first, I didn't find it very believable but as the loose ends were tied up I could understand why things happened when they did and I really appreciate that! It was still a very bizarre story even at the end though and not one I'll easily forget!

I was especially pleased to find out at the end of the story that there will be a sequel, as I'm quite curious to find out what happens to our little gang!


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