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Review of Glimmer by Pheobe Kitandis

by - May 07, 2012

What if you forgot your identity and had to rely on other people to tell you who you were?

And what if to discover your true self, you first had to unravel a mystery so big and terrifying you were not sure you’d survive solving it?

When Marshall and Elyse wake up in each other’s arms with zero memory of how they got there or who they are, it’s the start of a long journey through their separate pasts and shared future.

Terrified by their amnesia, the two make a pact to work together to find the answers that could jog their missing memories. As they piece together clues, they discover they’re in the idyllic mountain resort town of Summer Falls, where everyone seems mysteriously happy, but as Marshall and Elyse quickly learn, darkness lurks beneath the town’s perfect facade. Not only is the town haunted by sinister ghosts, but none of its living inhabitants retain bad memories of anything—not the death of Marshall’s mom, not the hidden shame in Elyse’s family, not even the day-to-day anguish of high school.

Lonely in this world of happy zombies, Marsh and Elyse fall into an intense relationship...but the secrets they uncover could be the death of this growing love—and the death of everyone, and everything, they love in Summer Falls.

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I have to admit, my expectations of this where a little different to the actual story. I was expecting big Goverment plots and lots of action but the story was much simpler than that and later on, turned into a story of childhood abuse, weirdly enough. I think the beginning was definitely more interesting as I had no idea what was going on but as soon as we got a couple of clues I knew exacly what was going to happen in the story and wasn't surprised at all.

The story switches from Marshall's point of view to Elyse's, which was a problem for me as I kept forgetting who was talking! There's nothing particularly different about the two voices, apart from certain events, so I'd be half way through what I assumed was Elyse's chapter only to find it was Marshall's, which was confusing, to say in the least.

The storyline is certainly unique though. I've beeen watching a lot of TV programs and movies and reading books about weird little American towns lately and I don't think I've come across one as weird as this. I did find certain scenes confusing though, such as Elyse being in one places then suddenly another, a little later on and I found the the town wasn't described as well as I'd like. I have a good image of a couple of bits and pieces of the town but not enough to put a full map together, unfortunately.


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  1. Childhood abuse!? Huh. I've read a lot of mixed opinions on this one so I'm very curious about it. It sounds original if anything. Great review, doll!

  2. Anonymous2:27 pm BST

    I've heard many bloggers say that this book is very confusing, but that only makes me want to read it more.
    The premise definitely sounds intriguing.
    Sorry you found some parts confusing. :/

    Thanks for the honest review!

    P.S Love your banner. It's so cute ! :)


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