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Review of Shift by Kim Curran

by - May 25, 2012

When your average, 16-year old loser, Scott Tyler, meets the beautiful and mysterious Aubrey Jones, he learns he's not so average after all. He's a 'Shifter'. And that means he has the power to undo any decision he's ever made. At first, he thinks the power to shift is pretty cool. But as his world starts to unravel around him he realises that each time he uses his power, it has consequences; terrible unforeseen consequences. Shifting is going to get him killed. In a world where everything can change with a thought, Scott has to decide where he stands.

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The start of Shift, the prologue, was pretty gripping, I sneaked a look when my ARC arrived and immediately regretted it - I wanted to devour the whole book there and then! When I did get to the book I wasn't disappointed - the story is thrilling, filled with twists and turns I would never have thought of.

The plot itself reminded me strongly of Thomas Taylor's Haunters, which I read recently. Male POV, gets strange powers that can change history, and those powers disappear when you reach a certain age. And the whole secret Government thing. However, Scott did come across as quite naive during the majority of the book which was a little frustrating at times but he did grow up a lot towards the end which made up for it.

There were a lot of fun elements in this. Exploding heads, a fat hungry guy, shifting itself, pole jumping, things blowing up, all good gory fun! I actually missed two chapters and had to go back and read them, something that hasn't happened before. unfortunately these chapters were two of the most vital in the book. Well, at least that explained why I kept feeling like I missed something!

Surprisingly, I would tag this as Dystopian. It's set in modern day but there are definitely strong dystopian elements in there that I was really not expecting. The ending did seem a little... silly but in a good way and I thoroughly enjoyed it.I'm hoping for a sequel, so that Scott and Aubrey's relationship might develop more and we could see more from the rebel guys which I'm sure have a name but I can't remember it damnit.  


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  1. Angry Robot/Strange Chemistry always publish awesome books!

    Talk Supe

    1. As far as I know! I've only ever read two - Blackwood and this, but they were both awesome. :D

  2. I'm glad you reviewed this one! I saw it was one of Angry Robot's new titles, and I'm willing to give anything of theirs that sounds interesting a go, but I also am pretty strict on the amount of galleys I let myself request so I decided to hold off and just pick this one up at release if I heard good things. The premise does sound cool, and I like that it's a male PoV! Glad to hear it was gripping enough to win you over, even if there were a couple of flaws.

    1. It's a lot of fun, definitely worth it!

  3. I'm trying so hard not to get caught up in the autumn releases yet but I have this and Blackwood and they are calling to me. Loving the sound of all the Strange Chem line-up tbh :)

  4. Great review! I have an arc of this one but haven't read it yet. I think I need to move it up on my list now though. It sounds really good and I love that there is some good gory fun. I also love a book with a lot of surprising twists.

    Traci @ The Reading Geek


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