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Many Covers Monday - Venetian Style Masks

by - June 04, 2012

Hi! Nice to eat you.Today we're looking at Venetian Style Masks! Not necessarily Venetian, you understand, just pretty face masks that look vaguely like Venetian ones!

Hey look, they're looking at each other! I think the darker look of Cross My Heart appeals to me a lot more than The Girl in the Mask.

A bit more material on these ones. I think I like the deep red of The Diamond of Drury Lane, despite the difficulty the model has of keeping it on...

These two are part of a series and I definitely prefer the fluffy feathers over the harsher brown leaves of Vengeance. That duck face is a no-no though.

Masquerade is nice but... it kinda looks like she has a really elaborate biscuit on her head. I like the silver mask and fire of Carnival of Souls. This cover was revealed a couple of weeks ago so if you haven't seen it yet... TADAH!

Which ones did you love? Which did you hate? Let me know what you thought in the comments!

Next Week: Nothing because I forgot to post it!

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  1. Mmm, biscuits. Masquerade DEFINITELY looks like a biscuit. I really like the covers of Cross my Heart and most of all, Venom. Great feature, though you didn't include 50 Shades Darker ;)

  2. Hehe, elaborate biscuit. The cover for Vengeance had me laughing because of it squishing her nose hehe - easily amused ;). The mask on Venom is my favourite out of them all though :)

  3. I like *Venom* and *Remembrance* best of these.


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