Discussion: Can You Keep Up With Sequels?

Most of the start of series books I've read these past 4-5 years, I've never finished the series in the end and now I'm trying to catch up...

...and my head keeps coming up with the strangest excuses to pick up new books instead of reading the series I need to be reading...

...and then I have to avoid all the reviews of the books I haven't read...

...which means I am now 'Under The Mountain' of sequels I need to read...

But! I will catch up this year for sure yes? I'm going to start with... The Immortal Rules series I think, then Hollow City and maybe The Selection series and eventually I may catch up...

Are you swamped under by sequels or just mean and horrible and keep up with all your series of books? Let me know in the comments!

Vickie x


  1. Oh yes I'm swamped by sequels! Good example, I read and loved book 1 in the Morganville Vampires series but have yet to read the rest of the series. My shelf space is getting limited so I read a book 1 and if I like it I think 'will probably be keeping the series so I better try another book 1'. The books I don't like get traded. So I'm always trying to read the new books in case I can let them go and never seem to catch up on the good stuff! So far this year I have read ONE book from a series I started about 5 years ago which is not good enough!

    1. I started the Morganville Vampires and I did give it 5 stars, however I just couldn't get into the sequels at all.

  2. I do feel like it is hard with all the series out there to keep up! My TBR is huge and sometimes I just want to give up and only read Stand alones :)
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  3. I'm definitely behind on a couple of series that I've started just when the third book was coming out, but I'm okay with that since I knew going in that I would take a while to finish them, haha. I also just don't feel all that guilty having half completed series for some reason, just more books to look forward to eventually, but reading what you're most excited for seems like the recipe for success ;-)

  4. I am behind on SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many series that it is kind of unreal and completely embarrassing! I am so behind that I am too scared to begin because I feel like I'd be reading sequels till the day I die.

  5. I am terrible with sequels! By the time the next book has come out in a series I have read so many other books I need to refresh myself with the first book/books in the series! I am forever trying to catch up and I put it off all the time by just reading a stand alone! I hope you catch up soon :)

  6. The Immortal Rules, yay! Honestly, I live for sequels. But sometimes I wish I wouldn't start a series until the books were already out. It just makes things easier to go from one to the next quickly instead of waiting a year. So maybe I'm a series hoarder...

  7. I'm horrible about keeping up with sequels... *cries piteously* I usually read one book then YUP I'M DONE NEW CHALLENGE. But this year I am trying to read/finish series. I actually have a Siege and Storm on my TBR right now, and I have the 4th Gallagher Girl, which is awesome. I just need to...settle down...and....read them all.

  8. There are so many series that I followed religiously then when I started book blogging, I found out about all these new books and got behind on the series. It is so hard to pick between fresh material and material you know you will love but is getting a little old. I just let my instincts pick the books for me. If it takes time to get back to series I love, that's okay.

  9. So swamped, and I just keep starting more. If I don't pick up the sequel right away, I know that I'm not all that interested in the series and move on. I've been trying to be WAY more selective about which series I start.

  10. So swamped that sometimes I forget there is a sequel (or other installment) that has come out that I was at one point anxiously awaiting... oh well, i'll get to what I get to I guess

  11. I have been frantically trying to finish series this past few years and have been really successful at it. I just make sure as soon as the new book comes out I push it to the front of my pile of books to read. It's not easy but I do it.


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