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Many Covers Monday - Confusing Covers

by - April 14, 2014

Today's Many Covers Monday is dedicated to covers from another mothers. No, that's quite right. These are covers that look exactly like other covers, often to the point that I think it's one author and it isn't and I then sit confused for hours.

I actually wrote this post a month ago and scheduled it and since then have added another 3 sets of covers that I'm completely confused by...

My face when I see a book which I think is another book.

Jennifer E. Smith's books are almost iconic now. The black and white cover with a couple snuggling together, with a big happy black and white font except for one word... so I was pretty surprised when I saw the cover to the left and realised it wasn't one of Jennifer's books.

The couple are so happy they don't care they're about to be squished by a giant moon. Bless.

There's no denying it - The Fault In Our Stars is an iconic cover, recognisable for a distance of 50 miles away (scientific fact) and will continue to be for decades to come.

So I shouldn't have been surprised when other covers followed suit by basically copying the minimalistic style and font. Ketchup Clouds never used to look like that and if you go into your local bookstore, especially if you're in England, hit the teens section. Pick up John Green, David Levithan, Liz Czukas and Annabel Pitcher. I promise you, they'll look like a set and all the fonts will match.

If you want the font all for yourself to do whatever it is you want to do with it, search for eraser font. It's very close to the TFIOS font.

 You should have seen the glare The Jewel got from me.

While the cover does have it's differences, there's something about it's font, the title and the cover in general that, if lined up with The Selection series, would match almost perfectly.

 Pearl came out just a few months after Matched and I remember a few people talking about the similarities. I've read both of these and can tell you that these stories are in no way alike. Perhaps it was just a coincidence... perhaps we'll never know... *spooky noises*

The Vixen was released almost the same time as Anna Godbersen's Bright Young Things. Anna previously had a ton of success with her Luxe series and clearly Flapper's publisher wanted to get in on the act.

But I can't be mad because flapper style is THE BEST yo.

 Want to sell a book? Stick an action figure on it.

So that wraps up my post! If you've spotted any others let me know in the comments.

Next week: Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Weir

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  1. When I first saw the cover for The Jewel, I thought it was part of The Selection series, too. And I've also noticed a lot of books with covers similar to The Fault in Our Stars lately.

  2. OMG, I always thought Vixen is by the same author as Bright Young Things XD I never really looked into Vixen, only read BYT, haha :D

    When I first saw the cover of The Jewl I thought it could be the second book in the The Winner's Curse series :D

  3. Wow, I honestly didn't realize how close these covers were to each other! Sometimes I get mad when I notice similarities, but most of the time, I just think it's kind of pathetic.

  4. Nice. But, the covers from *The Flappers* series are much prettier than that of BYT.

    Didn't *Ketchup Clouds* used to have a cover with a girl against a white b/g with actual "ketchup" clouds drawn behind her? For some reason, I remember it that way.

    As for *The Jewel*, I can agree that it looks like a 4th book of *The Selection* series. However, after reading it's description on GR, I am pretty turned off from it.


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