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March In Review

by - April 01, 2014

March has been a busy month here. I came back around the 7th after a long hiatus (over a year) and knew that my old name and layout weren't working for me anymore. I used to be ComaCalm's Corner, an old username I've had since I was 15 and use basically nowhere now. So, I changed it up. Under The Mountain came out of nowhere and I just went with it. It works perfectly because it describes just how many books I have (billy bookcase you will be mine), and is a reference to The Hobbit. After that I refreshed all my layout and made buttons and everything. I think it looks pretty nice! And after all of that I still managed to read a ton of books and get some memes and a discussion up.

Here's a look back at what happened on the blog in March:


Many Covers Monday
The Hunt - Andrew Fukuda

 Top Ten Tuesday

Everything Else

Look forward to seeing you this April!
Vickie x

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  1. Wow, you reviewed a lot of books! See you in April aka this month!

  2. You had such a productive month! I read six books but I think I only got two reviews in and one of them is only on Goodreads. Going to check out your review for All Our Yesterdays in a bit, I checked it out from the library!

  3. Welcome back! I think the new layout looks great. :)

  4. Wow March was a busy month for you! I feel like I've been slacking lately with my reviews but hope April will be better hehe Gorgeous blog by the way!

  5. You had a great month! Love the new name and layout. Welcome back!

  6. Wow, if you did all that in a month, you're amazing. I didn't even get half the stuff accomplished in March that you did. Hope you have a good April!


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