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Un-Stacking The Shelves (3)

by - April 26, 2014

Please read!
Un-Stacking The Shelves is my version of Stacking the Shelves, which is hosted by Tynga's Reviews. It's dedicated to removing the books from my shelves, not adding to them and so the books mentioned below are the ones I read this week. Hopefully I'll get some of my book hoard read this way!

(Any comments telling me to enjoy my new books will be deleted as spam. This may seem odd but I had a comment telling me to enjoy my new none-existent books on this very post. It's very frustrating.)
Read This Week

I'm really proud of myself because I technically brought no books into the house this week. I did buy one but it was for a signing and I don't even have it yet so it doesn't count right.

It was Easter this week! Did you eat all the chocolate? I got a solitary chocolate egg which was delicious. My Dad usually buys me an egg with a Doctor Who mug but I think he must be avoiding me this year. Bah.

But who cares when I was bought A BOOK TOKEN FOR EASTER. And it has an illustration from my favourite illustrator on it, Chris Riddell!

So pretty. Ignore the crap in the background.
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Vickie x

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  1. For some reason I can't see the actual books...gah, it's probably my computer being weird??

    1. I forgot to update the post last night because I am SO FREAKING BUSY TODAY ERGH. But look, shiny!

  2. I adored Dash & Lily's Book of Dares! <3 I hope you enjoyed it and the others. :)

    Check out my StS and my current giveaways!

  3. Anonymous3:00 pm BST

    A book token for Easter is a very, very good present. Much better than chocolate IMO. Well done for not bringing new books into the house. Wish I could do that!

  4. Anonymous5:36 pm BST

    I think a book token is way better than a chocolate egg and I love chocolate! Happy spending.

  5. Well done for not buying any books, I bought myself a book instead of an egg! So envious that you got a book token for Easter - we used to get them from the grandparents for Easter as well but that was a long time ago!

  6. I really liked Dash and Lily's book of Dares! Happy reading!

  7. Nice reading week for you this week! I remember reading and loving some Carol Lynch Williams but I haven't seen that one before, would be interested to see what you thought of it. I hope you have a great week :) My STS.


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