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Many Covers Monday: Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve

by - June 30, 2014

Today we're looking at some of the many different covers of Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines and choosing a winner! Some are rejackets and others are foreign language covers.

The great traction city London has been skulking in the hills to avoid the bigger, faster, hungrier cities loose in the Great Hunting Ground. But now, the sinister plans of Lord Mayor Mangus Crome can finally unfold.
Thaddeus Valentine, London's Head Historian and adored famous archaeologist, and his lovely daughter, Katherine, are down in The Gut when the young assassin with the black scarf strikes toward his heart, saved by the quick intervention of Tom, a lowly third-class apprentice. Racing after the fleeing girl, Tom suddenly glimpses her hideous face: scarred from forehead to jaw, nose a smashed stump, a single eye glaring back at him. "Look at what your Valentine did to me!" she screams. "Ask him! Ask him what he did to Hester Shaw!" And with that she jumps down the waste chute to her death. Minutes later Tom finds himself tumbling down the same chute and stranded in the Out-Country, a sea of mud scored by the huge caterpillar tracks of cities like the one now steaming off over the horizon.

Left: UK
Likes: The artwork is just gorgeous, and the font really compliments it well. The cover overall is very eye catching.
Dislikes: Honestly, nothing.

Right: US
Likes: I love the Steampunk look of this cover and the giant creepy eye is so cool. Again, the font really compliments this cover.
Dislikes: If you zoom in, the scientist looks really photoshopped in and it's kinda weird.

Left: UK (possibly US too)
Likes: Well, it's eye catching.
Dislikes: I think loving this cover depends on the person and for me, the video game doesn't work. I think I would like it a lot more if it wasn't for that strange Alien creature. And maybe if the fonts didn't look like they were 'lifted' from other video games.

Right: US
Likes: It's a really arty cover and there's a lot of detail.
Dislikes: It's arty but also really busy and my eyes feel like they're trying to work out what to look at. My eyes are more drawn to the bright yellow font rather than the lovely art.

Left: Turkish
Likes: It's so cool! I like that he's facing one way and the text the other.
Dislikes: Anyone notice that he's wearing two pairs of goggles?

Right: UK
Likes: The background! There's a cleverly hidden map in the background. The font on Mortal Engines is pretty clever too.
Dislikes: I'm really not sure about the bright colour scheme, it makes it look a bit middle grade.

 Left: Portuguese
Likes: The hot balloon makes me think of adventure, so I would be likely to pick this book up.
Dislikes: Aside from the hot air balloon, there's not much else to look at.

Right: Italian
Likes: Fire is always eye catching. And I really like ouroboros(es?). 
Dislikes: It's a blatant rip off of the Hunger Games movie poster and if you drag this image into Google images, it will suggest that poster as a similar image.

 Left: German
Likes: I like vintage covers, and this one is cute.
Dislikes: It looks like a vintage cover, on a modern book.

Right: German
Likes: The city is awesome, reminds me of Mont St Michel in France. Add this to all the balloons flying around and I really want to read this story.
Dislikes: I guess the cover is a little dark.


I would love to see this cover on my shelf and if there are sequels with covers that match this, I'll definitely be buying it.

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  1. Yeah the UK and US ones are the best - I'm torn though between the two. I love the illustration on the UK one though...decisions decisions.

  2. Anonymous5:19 pm BST

    I like the one you picked as a winner the best. Second place would go to the Turkish cover despite the dubble goggles. I just grabs my attention. Unfortunately I cannot read Turkish.. =/


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