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Many Covers Monday - We Really Like This Girl

by - July 07, 2014

Today we're looking at the many different covers of books one model has appeared on and choosing a winner! Some books may be self published.

I've been spotting this girl on covers for a while now, so started collecting the cover images in a folder (I have many cover collections that hopefully I can post soon!). One thing I did notice was that I really, really liked most of the covers, so that's probably why she's used so much. There may be a chance I've made a mistake and chosen a similar looking girl at any point, but I was careful.

(Love the font on After The Sky Fell Down so much)

(Interesting note: Harp's Voice is the sequel, Harp's Song also features this model)

(I didn't realise it until after I looked it up on Goodreads but I finished reading Reckoning last week, only mine is an entirely different cover)

(I couldn't find a larger picture of Two, sorry)


The font on this cover is just amazing, so I had to pick this as a winner! Which one would you have picked? Have you seen this girl on any other covers?

Vickie x

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  1. That's all the same girl...she's obviously a book-cover-magnet right?! I actually find it weird when covers have the same pictures. -_- But I DO love that one that you picked to win and also Finding Home! (Plus I know that author so eeee that's cool.) XD

  2. Ahahahaha I love it when self-published covers do this. Well, at least it's the same girl and not the same exact cover. That happens a lot too. I would've chosen the one you chose as well!

  3. I actually think that I've read a couple books with this girl on the cover. O_o I didn't know she was on so many covers, haha! Great post!

  4. Anonymous8:53 pm BST

    She has a great job, having her face on books. I think I like the cover for Time after Time the best. For me Two is second place :)

  5. Oh you are so right, I noticed it was the same girl in Torn Away definitely, it looks like she's a popular cover model lol.

  6. Isn't she the same girl that is on the If I Stay covers as well? Or am I thinking of a different girl that looks the same O.o. I think After the Sky Fell Down is my favourite cover with this model too!


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