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Review of Anywhere by Jon Robinson

by - July 03, 2014

Series: Nowhere #2
Format: Paperback
Genres: mystery, action, dystopia,
Pages: 297
Publisher: Penguin
Release Date: 07/03/2014
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The pulse-pounding sequel to Jon Robinson's debut novel, Nowhere.

Six kids have escaped from a prison in the middle of nowhere. Now they're being hunted.

And they're beginning to realise they have a valuable skill - a skill that powerful people want for themselves.

They need to use it now more than ever, but can they learn how to in time?

This gripping sequel will leave you clamouring for the next installment.

You can tell this is a British book - I doubt many other other countries would put the words 'clamouring for the next book' in it's description. Britishisms aside, once I finished this book I was wanting the next book - badly! Sadly I have to wait until 2015.

Anywhere picks up where Nowhere left off, and this time we're out of the prison and running into some seriously stupid decisions. I never knew what the characters planned to do next. It was a lot of fun though and the amount of characters (six), meant that we were in lots of different locations.

There's a new organisation trying to help the kids - we hope. They may be good, they may be bad. And they all have cool x-men style super powers. But it's not magic. Don't mention the M word, they don't like that. It's science! All I know is, it's something I haven't read about before and a really cool concept too.

This book introduces a new character that I love. His name's Stephen, which sounds like an old man to me, but he's one of the youngest richest men in the country and completely insane. I love insane. He spends his time tormenting people for fun and truly is a vicious character. I kinda wanted to keep him as a pet.

I'm curious to see how this series will end so I will be happily picking up the next book! I'm hoping the cover remains the same as I love the dark look of these covers.

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  1. This sounds so amazing! I hadn't heard of this series, but it sounds like they're really awesome books. I will definitely check this out sometime, great review!


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