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Review of Glimpse by Kendra Leighton

by - July 09, 2014

Format: Paperback (for review)
Genres: paranormal, gothic, ghosts
Pages: 304
Publisher: Much-In-Little
Release Date: 19/06/2014
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Liz just wants to be normal. Her life is anything but.

Seven years ago Liz lost her mother and ten years' worth of memories. When she inherits the infamous Highwayman Inn, she hopes the move will be a fresh start. Then she meets Zachary. Zachary who haunts her by night and in dreams; who makes her question everything she is and wants to be; who seems scarcely real - yet makes her feel so alive.

Inspired by Alfred Noyes' classic poem 'The Highwayman', Glimpse is a ghost story, a love story, and a story of a girl fighting for her future by confronting her terrible past.

Although I have been avoiding Paranormal Romance as of late, the idea of Glimpse intrigued me enough to want to pick it up and read it as soon as possible. Glimpse is a really original, gothic tale with Highwaymen, ghosts and plenty of mystery bit sadly I didn't find it very memorable.

The ghosts were really creepy. Instead of your usual hauntings by eerie, dripping children who've died in some pool, Liz's glimpses are just that - glimpses of various ghostly body parts, often hands or feet. Of course, she ends up living at one of the most haunted places she could find.

Parts of this story confused me. Where the book was set felt unclear, I may have missed something. i also didn't understand why, if it was her inn, she let her Dad make all the decisions - like letting the creepy boy at school and his Dad hang around the house whenever they felt like it, just because they worked there occasionally. It's her house, not theirs. 

I did really like the relationship between Liz and the Zachary, the unique plot twist at the end kept me guessing and I felt that it was a perfect ending for them. The romance wasn't heavy and I didn't feel that there was insta-love at ant point either. Overall i thought that this was a great debut.

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  1. Anonymous12:42 pm BST

    Oh, creepy books. I never know if I should read them or not.. The cover alone is already super creepy! I am usually not one for Paranormal Romance but your review makes me interested!


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