Stacking The Shelves (06/07/2014)

My STS is a day late this week because I've been on holiday in surprisingly sunny London! I had so much fun and saw so much, the week just flew by. I saw The Lewis Chessmen, The Rosetta Stone, ginat Egyptian Statues, one of the biggest Waterstone's bookshops I've ever been in and nearly ended up walking into a News Boroadcast. It's been eventful!

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Books Acquired This Week

Bought in London - I only planned to take two books with me and not buy many, which I think I did! However I did read a lot more than I expected, so bought more. Just in case.

Arrived In The Mail - I'm on a bit of a Strange Chemistry kick and couldn't resist these! I also bought Pantomime and Shadowplay but the haven't been delivered yet. Vintage Books said that If I retweeted #VintagePancake I could have a free copy of Trilobites. So I did. It's kind of sad though, because the author committed suicide at 26. Moving on, I manged to snag myself a copy of The One on RISI, in exchange for my copy of The Miseduation of Cameron Post, which I didn't enjoy.

Giveaway Win- I WON A GIVEAWAY. I was so, so excited to win this from Twitter and the bag is just hilarious, I can't wait to take it shopping with me.

New bookmarks from Book Depository - I love these but a small rant - I bought three books, separating the orders to get three bookmarks. And I got two. I may sound greedy but Book Depository have a weird habit of throwing in up to 9 bookmarks in one package. So they end up not having enough bookmarks to go around. Fix your shit guys.

Books Read This Week

I was amazed by just how many books I got through this week, considering how much stuff we got done too - here's what I read. (The last couple of lines in The Winner's Curse just grabbed my heart and stamped on it. Then threw it in the sea.)

Dancing To This Week

That's all from me this week, I hope you've all been having a fun summer! 

Vickie x


  1. I really liked The One! I thought it was a good conclusion to the series. Happy reading!

  2. Anonymous6:00 pm BST

    Oh. My. Gosh. I can completely relate to how freaking frustrating it is when the Book Depository don't give you the bookmarks! I ordered two books separately, and EACH TIME I didn't receive any bookmarks!
    I'm glad you loved London! I live in London but I don't know where the big Waterstones is...guess it's time for a google...

  3. So many books, that's great! I loved the winner's curse, it was a great book. Happy reading!

  4. I can't wait to read The winner's curse :D I need to pick up some Strange Chemistry books while I can. I'm afraid the books might run out and I really liked most of their published books. Congrats on winning! Last time I didn't even got a bookmark and that is a shame, because I like to collect them. Happy reading!


  5. Heh, about TBD bookmarks. x) I won a book the other day and it came from TBD...but no bookmark. WHAT WAS THIS?! I love their bookmarks and I usually find I destroy mine after just a few books....sooo...obviously they need to work out why some books aren't getting bookmarks. *nods*

  6. Yay! your week looked fantastic! I loved She Is Not Invisible and The Winner's happy to see you enjoyed them too. Wonderful week and haul, enjoy!

  7. Anonymous5:50 am BST

    I'm reading She Is Not Invisible soon. Very intrigued to see what that's like. I'm also looking forward to The One even though that's my guilty pleasure series!

  8. Yaayy The Winner's Curse! I'm reading it right now and I absolutely LOVE it! Happy reading. :D

  9. Anonymous10:10 pm BST

    I love English bookstores! My goal this year is to read some more Newberry nominated books and Moon over Manifest sounds cute :). I love the Book Depository book marks as well. I've been trying to collect them all. Especially the one's designer by readers are very cool :)


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