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Discussion: Favourite (And Least Favourite) Books To Movies

by - August 17, 2014

I realised after watching Austenland last night (for the second time this month!) that a lot of my favourite movies started life as a book. Here's some of my favourites, many of which I've watched over and over... despite not reading the book yet...

Fight Club
I fell in love with Fight Club the moment I started watching it, and Edward Norton. It's a thrilling cat and mouse game where you're never quite sure what's going to happen next, and the twist at the end just floored me. I've since read half of the book and it's just as good! I will finish it sometime.

The Princess Bride
A childhoof favourite, I can never quite get enough of this movie and will happily show it to anyone and everyone willing. Sword fights, giants, rodents of unusual size... it's a perfect adventure movie!

Hunger Games
I don't there's many readers of the Hunger Games books that were disappointed by this adaptation. I know there's some minor issues but overall, the series has been amazing. I can't wait for Mockingjay!

Beautiful Creatures
I think a lot of fans of this book hated the movie, but I never read it! I've seen this movie twice now and I love Alice's performance. I'm looking forward to reading the book, I heard that it's quite different.

Ender's Game
I was feeling pretty depressed when I went to see Ender's Game, and went as a way to try and cheer myself up. I wasn't sure if I'd like it but it really was amazing - so amazing in fact I went back and watched it again a week later! I own two of the books now, really need to read them.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret/Hugo
More from Ben Kingsley and Asa Butterfield here. I read Hugo Cabret years ago and was really surprised when I found out they were making it into a movie - and worried! Most of Hugo Cabret is illustrated, so I had a very set picture of how the movie should be. Thankfully it was all done perfectly and the few character additions only served to make the movie better.

Jane Eyre
Being a seriously old book, it's had a fair few adaptations, but there's only a couple that I really love - this 1996 film above and an adaptation by the BBC (UK) a few years ago.

Memoirs Of A Geisha
Oh, I just love this book. Sadly it's also gone missing. The movie really lived up to the book, I was really surprised by how much they covered considering the book's length.

Brideshead Revisited
I want to marry Ben Whishaw's voice and you only have to see 2 minutes of Richard II to understand why - it's incredible. His performance in this is heartbreakingly memorable, I loved this movie.

Les Miserables
Does this one count?! It was such an amazing movie, I loved every minute. And cried. A lot.

And The Worst Movies...

Phew, okay. Unfortunate Events, Eragon and Golden Compass are all here because they never made the sequels, and that just annoys me! Jane Eyre, I just thought this adaptation was terrible. Love the actors but something didn't work, it was very boring. Vampire Academy truly did suck (heh, puns). I heard that they're making an equally terrible sequel. Despereaux I have never seen - but I loved the original art and this looks nothing like it. Not even Ben Whishaw could save the mess that was Cloud Atlas. Finally, Goblet of Fire is on here because it deviated so much away from the book it shouldn't have even used it's name.

What are your favourite and least favourite movies?
Vickie x

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  1. Eragon is DEFINITELY the worst in my eyes. It's my favorite book and it was massacred. I also didn't like Beautiful Creatures or Order of the Phoenix. My favorites though are The Hunger Games, Dracula, and the LOTR movies (not including the Hobbit ones).

  2. Anonymous10:01 pm BST

    The majority of these I haven't even seen yet! The only one I did see was Hunger Games which I absolutely loved. Can't wait for the last two to come out! I loved Les Mis, but I haven't read the book. I went to see Les Mis with a couple of friends who where all bored out there minds and highly annoyed by all the singing whereas I enjoyed every minute of that film. When you think about so many movies are based on books!

  3. HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE LEMONY SNICKET'S MOVIE?!!! That goes down as my favourite. HEHE. Without a doubt. x) I also really really love The Princess Bride and The Hunger Games and Hugo and Ender's Game. They're brilliant adaptions! I think book-to-movie adaptations get a lot of flack for being awful...but honestly? There's a lot of mind blowing good ones out there. Ender's Game was sooo good I nearly sobbed. I loved that book and I really wanted the movie to do it justice. They casted perfectly.

  4. I actually saw the 2011 Jane Eyre adaptation recently and agree that the actors were great but something about it overall fell flat. I was only somewhat familiar with the story beforehand though so I wasn't sure if that affected my opinion. I really liked Lemony Snicket but agree a sequel would have been nice, especially since I haven't read the books! Guess I'll have to do that sometime!


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