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Review of The Moment Collector by Jodi Lynn Anderson

by - August 07, 2014

Format: eBook (for review)
Genres: mystery, paranormal, ghosts,
Pages: 256
Publisher: Orchard Books
Release Date: 07/08/2014
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"The yard of this house is a graveyard of moments and everything left behind is a clue. And I am here to dig."

There's a ghost haunting 208 Water Street. She doesn't know who she was, or why she's still here. She does know that she is drawn to Maggie, the new girl in town, and her friends - beautiful, carefree Pauline and Liam, the boy who loves her.

But the ghost isn't all that's lurking in Gill Creek... Someone is killing young girls all across the county. Can the ghost keep these three friends safe? Or does she have another purpose?

Don't get too confused here readers - The Moment Collector is in fact The Vanishing Season renamed and repackaged for the UK market. Why, I have no idea. Why there is a giant transparent butterfly on her face when it's supposed to be a moth, I also have no idea. The cover is still eerily beautiful though and it was this cover that drew me to the book when I saw it on NetGalley.

The premise is a pretty basic one, and one I have read before - a girl moves to a small town and creepy stuff is going down. Said girl's parent's are too busy to really notice her and she makes some new friends. This kinda of reads like a Point Horror story, only a bit more fleshed out. This was an interesting read but... I just didn't really get it. Was there a point to this story? Will there be sequels? I just don't know. The story was completely finished in one book at least.

There's some romance in this but I didn't really care for it. This is probably because the main character, Maggie, was as bland as vanilla pudding. Pauline and Liam had really interesting personalities but Maggie was just sort of there. The girl next door. I have no idea what hobbies she has, other than reading classics because teen girls reading nothing but classics you know.

There's this weird ghost thing that gets it's own sections nearly every chapter  and mutters ghostly stuff about moths which is cool. I knew what the ghost was fairly early on so I wasn't particularly surprised by the ending. The murders were also cool but at the end of the book I was very disappointed. It felt like the murders were just thrown in to flesh the story out.

The ending was just weird. One stupid decision after another, me yelling at them to GET A MOVE ON and a plot twist that I was expecting for around the fifth chapter. I was just a little bored by that point and read it just to finish it. I left feeling like the author had this one idea and then tried to build a world around it and it just didn't work out. Most of the book was very readable though.

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  1. Anonymous5:48 pm BST

    I agree that the cover is a bit weird. I am not very drawn to it. Added it to my wishlist though, because it sounds that there are some interesting bits. Especially because I don't read a lot of scary stories ;)


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