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Stacking The Shelves (13/09/2014)

by - September 13, 2014

This week I've read less than I wanted to, because I've been spending the past 3 or 4 days battling with 1984. Being a huge fan of Dystopia, I was almost sure that I would love this book but unfortunately I'm having a ton of problems with it and have almost DNF'd it twice.
However, I did get to binge read The Hunt series at the beginning of this week (Sat onwards)! It's a wonderfully cheesy series involving Vampires and... armpit sex (no really). I think this series might be my new favourite after The Maze Runner.

Acquired This Week (Sat 6th - Fri 12th)
I thought I wasn't going to get any books this week as money has been pretty tight, however I suprprised myself - I found four short story compilations for £1, perfect for Halloween. And then when I went food shopping I found a bargain bin of teen books for just 99p! That's less that $2 a book U.S. people.

99p each guys. 99p.

Other Things
It's not something I really talk about but we actually live in a small, kinda rubbish council house (we rent it from the council in our area but we're so poor we don't pay rent. Literally the internet and books is my main luxury). This week we were finally able to go out and buy wallpaper and paint to decorate mine and my partner's room, my Gran's room and the living room! 
Yeah, I live with my partner and my Gran. Living situations are notoriously strange in England. My partner's Dad who's in his 50's lives with his mum, as well as my partner's aunt AND her partner.

Moving on, here's my wallpaper!

I plan to paper one wall and paint the rest. I hear that's in fashion right now. And yes, I promise pictures.
I've also been avoiding reading 1984 by cross stitching.
I haven't finished any project in months, so it felt good to finish this. Cross Stitching is my main passion after reading! If I ever find myself stuck in the past I'll be fine...

Read This Week (Sat 6th - Fri 12th)

Man Candy.
I'm about three quarters into 1984 now, so that should make an appearance on next week's STS, which will be a whole lot shorter, I hope. I have a whole pile of books after it I really want to read!

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  1. I'll get round to reading The Hunt series eventually! I feel like it's been sitting there next to the Maze Runner series forever! I just can't seem to find the time to read just now which is worrying with a ton of tbrs...Happy reading and I look forward to seeing your decorating!

  2. You got some interesting books. The Tera Lynn Childs covers are very different than the ones that I have here. Great stack.

    Grace @ Books of Love

  3. Anonymous11:14 am BST

    I had to read 1984 in High School and I remembered really struggling with it. In the end though I really appreciated the meaning of the book so in hindsight it was well worth my time :). I love your cross-stitch project. It looks really pretty!

  4. OOoh nice! I haven't read any of these books myself! Hope you enjoy each and every one of them!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  5. I can relate to battling with 1984. I had to force myself to carry on with it...but you come out of it all the better you know. It is the King of Dystopia after all!

    And living conditions in England...gosh they're bad. Especially if you live in a council house. Sigh. Overcramped-ness is a real problem here.

    But the wallpaper looks interesting!

  6. I have The Elites waiting to be read, and I have read these books by Tera Lynn Childs but I have yet to read the last one in the series.

    My haul

  7. Anonymous1:42 pm BST

    Looks like a good haul! Hope you enjoy them. And I bet your room is going to look great.


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