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Goodreads Hidden Feature - A List Of Current Popular Young Adult Books

by - April 18, 2018

Did you know that you can get a list of the 15 most popular Young Adult books this month? I know I didn't but I'm sorry if this is an obvious feature to everyone else! I've been using this for a little while to keep up with the latest releases that everyone will be talking about when I realised that it is kind of hidden.

Here's how I acces this, there's likely other ways that you can tell me about in the comments if you know:

I always read YA, so I click on the book I'm currently reading. If you're not reading YA do a search for an obvious book, like Hunger Games.

And that's it! It should take your right to the page. Of course this should work for every genre but my main genre is Young Adult. The page changes once a month but I don't know when, there doesn't seem to be a specific date.

There's lots of other stuff on that page too, popular genres, authors, giveaways, quotes... it's a pretty useful page!

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