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Many Covers Monday: Why Are The UK Harry Potter Covers So... Spoilery?

by - May 28, 2018

Spoilers. Obviously. In fact let's do this whole post as if we were CinemaSins on Youtube.

The UK Harry Potter book covers are my favourite, they're colourful, exciting and the art completely captures my vision of Harry Potter. There's just one problem.. Huge, HUGE spoilers.

What does this spoil? Well, absolutely nothing. This cover is great!

What does this spoil? WHAT DOESN'T THIS SPOIL. As you must know at the end of the book it's revealed that the culprit is a giant basilisk *ding* which Harry finds in the Chamber of Secrets when he's looking for Ginny (who you can see in the background so *ding*. He defeats the Basilisk when Fawkes *ding* chucks the sorting hat at him *ding* and he pulls a sword out of it *ding ding ding*

What does this spoil? Well the majority of this book involves Harry trying to defeat the Dementors by producing a fully formed patronus *ding*. When he's lying across the lake being attacked by Dementors he sees his Dad produce a stag patronus *ding* which we later discover was actually Harry, after he went back in time *ding*. It's actually a real shame the cover spoils what form the patronus will take.

What does this spoil? Compared to the previous two this one isn't too bad but it does spoil the entire first challenge *ding* AND the fact that Harry completes it using his broom *ding*

What does this spoil? At least this one isn't immediately obvious what is spoilery and likely any reader will not notice until after reading BUT this does spoil Harry's trip on the Thestrals *ding* that doesn't happen until about 80% into the book (which at 800 pages is pretty bloody far) plus it shows that he has quite a bit of company too *ding*

What does this spoil? basically the scene that's in the last 70% of the book where Harry teams up with Dumbledore *ding* to try and retrieve the Horcrux *ding*. Attacked by inferi (ZOMBIES), Dumbledore throws fire at them via his wand *ding*.

What does this spoil? Well I was going to give this one a free pass because if you didn't expect an epic Potter/Voldy showdown at the end of the series you're MAD. MAD I TELL YOU. However this does giveaway the location of the meeting *ding*

Spoilers: 18

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  1. Oof. Those are HUGE spoilers (although I'll admit the covers are much prettier than some of the US editions, which are nice but they're... simple?). I'm assuming they created it as so because virtually everyone has read and they assume everyone has read it? Honestly, I'm not sure. They could be going to the heart and core of the story in the cover. One will never know unless they were involved in the process.


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