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Review of Lifeblood by Gena Showalter

by - May 03, 2018

Series: Everlife #2
Genres: Fantasy, Romance
Pages: 443
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Release Date: 28/02/2017
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My Firstlife is over, but my Everlife is only now beginning. 

With her last living breath, Tenley "Ten" Lockwood made her choice and picked her realm in the Everlife. Now, as the war between Troika and Myriad rages, she must face the consequences. 

Because Ten possesses a rare supernatural ability to absorb and share light, the Powers That Be have the highest expectations for her future—and the enemy wants her neutralized. Fighting to save her Secondlife, she must learn about her realm from the ground up while launching her first mission: convincing a select group of humans to join her side before they die. No pressure, right? 

But Ten's competition is Killian, the boy she can't forget—the one who gave up everything for her happiness. He has only one shot at redemption: beating Ten at a game she's never even played. As their throw-downs heat up, so do their undeniable feelings, and soon, Ten will have to make another choice. Love…or victory.

I read this one so fast I'm not even sure what happened but it was a GOOD read. 2018 so far has been the year of sequel let downs to the point where I'm almost considering just ditching series books altogether. Thankfully this sequel really upped it's game and managed to be a lot less trope-y than the first book. It was still just as unique and introduced new characters at just the right moments, keeping the pace up.

While the last one was dedicated to Tenley travelling from place to place, this one is dedicated to her learning to battle in Troika. Again I know that this series isn't going to win a Man Booker prize but quite frankly I will appreciate the heck out of any writer who can write a second book without it feeling like filler. Even if the Irish guy is speaking with a Scottish accent.

Tenley is seperated from Killian and Archer for the majority of the book - Archer more so because he's you know... dead. It really gave Tenley room to actually become a person rather than a muscle bro's side ho and I did really enjoy following her on her journey, learning how to fight and watching her baby brother growing up. While I was originally hoping to explore Many Ends further, I do think that this was a much better way of continuing the story.

Ten's still number counting of course, consistently. Almost too consistently because I found myself skimming the random number facts (maybe that's why I finished so fast!) - however I did come to a jarring stop when Tenley started talking about holes. And I mean birth and toilet related holes, which Tenley thinks there's two of. No-one tell her where you pee out of ok.

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