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Weekly Wrap Up (02/06/2018)

by - June 02, 2018

I don't know where the time has gone this month but now I feel like I'm trying to play catch up and failing. I didn't manage to get a Weekly post last week simply due to being busy and exhausted.

Willow's 3rd birthday went terribly - she ended up with tonsilitus and spent the day in a fluffy blanket with her new doll, we didn't bother trying to give presents or anything, she just wanted to lie on the couch and nap.

We did manage to get out on Sunday though and redid her birthday at Wookey Hole with CAKE. It was pretty amazing there, we slightly went crazy in the gift shop where I bought myself a stuffed owl I've named Gatsby, Willow got a cuddly dinosaur and my partner got cheese, wine and chutney amongst the other things we bought.

(Click for bigger images)

Read This Week

 I finally FINALLY finished re-reading Harry Potter and even squeezed in Cursed Child, which wasn't quite as bad I was expecting. I got Skylarks from NetGalley because gay YA but it was really bogged down with a poverty gap storyline that didn't really work.

Song Of The Week

Yes that is Clay from 13 Reasons Why.

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  1. Sorry to hear Willow got tonsilitus! Glad she did get to have her birthday after all. She is so cuuuute! and her picture came out gorgeous! and the pics are fantastic actually! Glad to hear you guys got a treat too! Can't go wrong with cheese, wine and chutney!


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